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DEFN: viv·i·fy

To give new life or energy. To make more lively, intense, or striking. [syn: animate, recreate, revive, renovate, repair ]

Vivify Music, Inc. was founded in 2005 to fill a gap in the relationship between the avid Jazz listener and the Jazz artist. As many music lovers know, it is not always the most talented musicians who get played on the radio, or whose CDs are found in major retail stores. Some of the best musicians in the world are tucked away in their home cities and doing the best they can at promoting themselves, playing with as many artists as they can, selling CDs from stage, and bringing joy and awe to a handful of lucky listeners.

Vivify Music® represents such artists as Stephanie Porter, Primo Kim, Cold Cut Combo, Buddy Catlett and Brian Nova among others.